The Throw Up Throw Down

Professional Eating

Participants in eating competitions know that we can stimulate our appetite by constantly changing flavours. For example in a hot dog eating competition, when the participants can’t face another hot dog, they will eat something with a completely different flavour profile, like ice cream. Before you know it they cramming down more hot dogs!

Simple Satiety

In my own experience (non-professional eating), simple meals of a 1-3 ingredients work well for satiety.

When I combine a lot of different ingredients in a meal it awakens the monster. I can’t stop thinking about the next thing to eat even though I know I’ve had enough.

Eating simple meals is probably more ancestrally consistent and seems to be what modern day hunter gatherers do.

When they hunt or fish they eat what they’ve caught. Later on they gather some fruits or tubers or eggs and eat those. They don’t appear to eat banquets of many different foods together.

Think about it. If all you had to eat for a meal was eggs, how many would you eat before your palate had enough?