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Eating well is the first step to a body you are proud of.

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“I liked the group camaraderie. The fact that you were held accountable. Everyone was supportive in the group.”

“I feel good about my body and what I have eaten when I plan and stick to the plan.”


“It was more than just setting a meal plan. I got a lot more out of this than I expected.”

“I learned so much about me, my triggers and that I do need accountability partners.”


“Ihave lost weight and feel healthier than ever. Perhaps more importantly, I have rediscovered my love for good healthy food. I truly believe the habits I have developed and the knowledge I have gained here will have a huge positive impact on the rest of my life.”


“Positive mental associations with nutrition and movement, changed the lens big time. In fact it changed a few things in other aspects of my life.”

“Maintain positive mental association! This was the penny drop point for me.”