30 Day Health Reset

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Mainstream Health Advice is Broken

Advice on eating healthily has become, overcomplicated, confusing, restrictive, and increasingly influenced by corporate marketing.

We are told we to eat less and move move more, which is too simplistic to work long-term in the real world.

Many people are not feeling healthy, not looking the way they want to despite having tried many times to follow the conventional wisdom.

I Believe…

Eating well should be sustainable, satisfying, enjoyable and result in you feeling and looking good.

Movement should increase your energy not leave you feeling beaten down.

Stress is unavoidable. Rather than avoid it we need strategies to manage stress.

Holistic Health for Real Humans

The 30 Day Health Reset is a flexible program based on building simple habits, to help you:

  • Feel more healthy and energised.
  • Optimise your weight sustainably.
  • Manage stress.


“I liked the group camaraderie. The fact that you were held accountable. Everyone was supportive in the group.”

“I feel good about my body and what I have eaten when I plan and stick to the plan.”


“It was more than just setting a meal plan. I got a lot more out of this than I expected.”

“I learned so much about me, my triggers and that I do need accountability partners.”


Over the course of the 30 days and beyond I have lost weight and feel healthier than ever. Perhaps more importantly, I have rediscovered my love for good healthy food. I truly believe the habits I have developed and the knowledge I have gained here will have a huge positive impact on the rest of my life.”


Positive mental associations with nutrition and movement, changed the lens big time. In fact it changed a few things in other aspects of my life.”

“Maintain positive mental association! This was the penny drop point for me.

How it Works

1. Pre-Start 1-1 Coaching Call

  • Set your goals for the 30 days with the help of your coach.
  • Success tips for habit change.
  • Create your nutrition and movement plan.

2. Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Ask questions from your coach.
  • Share experiences and meet other participants.

3. Nutrition Fundamentals Course

  • Daily nutrition education by email.
  • Learn the fundamentals of nutrition.
  • Cut through the ‘noise’ of marketing and misinformation!

4. Private Community Group Chat

  • Ask questions and access support from your coach.
  • Daily accountability.
  • Motivation & support from people sharing the journey.

5. 3 Pillars Guides

  • Meal prep guide.
  • No gym strength training guide.
  • Down-regulate stress guide.
Your Coach, Imran Chaudhary
Imran Chaudhary, Health Coach

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30 DAY Health Reset

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£ 60 .00

30 Day program, including:

  • 1-1 On-Boarding Call
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call
  • Nutrition Fundamentals Course
  • Private Community Group Chat
  • Meal Prep, Trainining & Stress Management Guides

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