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We can help you create a resilient and capable body and regain your natural movement freedom.

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Is your training working for you or against you?

The human body evolved to be strong, resilient and versatile.

But we’ve replaced physically demanding lifestyles with sports and training that are imbalanced, limited and too repetitive.

Leading us to injury, fatigue and frustration.

We’ve become disconnected from the varied natural movement that makes us human.

We can help you overcome pain and limitation, so you can achieve athletic health and longevity.

The way most people train, they gain one thing but lose something else.

Modern training methods are often highly specialised as they are influenced by professional sports, where winning is more important than your long-term health.

Too many programs see the signals from our body as something to fight against rather than to work with. More is better, push through the pain etc.

These ‘one size fits all’ programs promise reward for your stubborn ability to stick with it no matter what, instead of taking into account you are an individual.

We spend too much time sidelined by injuries or trying to work around aches and pains. Over the years, this prevents us reaching our goals.

Our 1-1 coaching is based on years of experience with many training systems and is personalised to your needs.




I have lost weight and feel healthier than ever. Perhaps more importantly, I have rediscovered my love for good healthy food. I truly believe the habits I have developed and the knowledge I have gained here will have a huge positive impact on the rest of my life.”


Positive mental associations with nutrition and movement, changed the lens big time. In fact it changed a few things in other aspects of my life.”

“Maintain positive mental association! This was the penny drop point for me.

How it Works

Your program will will include training, nutrition and recovery. We take into account your individual strengths, weaknesses and preferences.

Step 1: Discuss your goals with your coach.

Step 2: We’ll make a custom plan.

Step 3: We’ll coach and support you to success.

Your Coach, Imran Chaudhary
Imran Chaudhary, Head Coach

Meet Your Coach

I’ve been coaching for over 15 years, helping people maintain and improve their health and performance. I believe with the right stimuli, we can be athletic and have resilient health for our whole lives.

Training hard got me good results in my 20’s in terms of appearance and physical abilities. Outwardly I looked to be doing well, but as I hit my thirties I had a spate of chronic injuries, food intolerances and rarely slept well.

This led me to dive deep into learning everything I could to fix my own problems. I am committed to using what I have learned on my journey to help you on yours. 

Transform your yourself from injured and frustrated, to resilient, capable and athletic.

12 Week 1-1 Coaching Program


  • Posture and movement assessment
  • Personalised program
  • Weekly 1-1 coaching session
  • Accountability and Support
  • Skills for Life
£ 600 .00
Or 3 payments of £240

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